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Selasa, 03 Februari 2009

In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful ;)

Welcome people! Thanx for peeping at my blog. Apparently, i'm not planning to publish my daily life activities or spill out my emotions into this bloggy. I intend to make this blog as my 'handbook of medical stuff' so it can be reachable wherever i go (yeahh, i can read sounds boring already!).

Anyway, just for the record, I was inspired to join this blog after episodes of 'self-reflection'; specifically in the bus heading to Klaten's Hospital for my ENT posting. It's an hour journey enough to make me think and dream ;P .

So, I asked myself.. How much skills or core medical knowledge I've mastered during these 5 years???? I will say A LOT, but.... somehow.... I can't remember it well. ouuchh!! I have to admit that I survive my med years thru last-minute-memorizing technique.. I know it won't stay long in there but it's always about passing the exam... Then, when it comes to 'testing our basic again', I am soooo toasted! ;(

And here I am... trying to rebuild myself in search for things that I lost along the way. I'm hoping that this time, it stays permanently in my long term memories so I'll be glad to apply it whenever I want..Amin InsyaAllah =)

* Yang baik datang dari Tuhan, yang buruk datang dari diri saya sendiri*

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sherry mengatakan...

Salam Ewa@Tantik Aunty..

Heheh...sekarang Fateh dah jadi budak Tantik Aunty...

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